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The keys to your dream home are within reach -- and we can help you get them with affordable rates and flexible terms catered to your unique situation. You'll also receive personalized service from our local experts, as well as a quick decision.

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Meet the Team



Mary Stefko              

Home Loan Manager              
NMLS ID #305800

Kevin Rice

Angola Office Manager             
NMLS ID #454723


Curtis Rash

Auburn Office Manager             
NMLS ID #1245845

Jessica Babcock

Home Loan Originator
Serving: Northeast Indiana, Defiance County,
Williams County
NMLS ID #501038
Ph: 419.446.2501

Chawney Gambler

Butler Office Manager             
NMLS ID #1193791

Marilyn Bergstedt

Archbold Woodland Office Manager
NMLS ID #583442
Ph: 419.446.2531

Ashley Warren

Huntertown Office Manager             
NMLS ID #901880

Jamie Worman

Bryan East High Office Manager
NMLS ID #479662
Ph: 419.636.9011

Michael Smith

Bryan SouthTowne Office Manager
NMLS ID #585340
Ph: 419.636.6104

Ruth Ford

Bryan SouthTowne Assistant Office Manager
NMLS ID #580340
Ph: 419.636.6104

Linda Bechstein

Custar Office Manager
NMLS ID #630983
Ph: 419.669.2801

Cheri Schuette

Defiance Office Manager
NMLS ID #580346
Ph: 419.782.9421

Debra Kauffman

Delta Office Manager
NMLS ID #580347
Ph: 419.822.9510

Melissa Sentle

Hicksville Office Manager
NMLS ID #195254
Ph: 419.542.6603

Leigh Boothman

Montpelier Office Manager
NMLS ID #580338
Ph: 419.485.1363

Diana Dennie

Napoleon Office Manager
NMLS ID #583444
Ph: 419.592.2077

Hallie Nagel

Perrysburg Office Manager
NMLS ID #583447
Ph: 419.931.8892

Shauna Cotter

Stryker Office Manager
NMLS ID #583443
Ph: 419.682.3411

Jennifer Knapp

Swanton Office Manager
NMLS ID #583446
Ph: 419.825.3339

Taryn Schmitz

Sylvania Office Manager
NMLS ID #479664
Ph: 419.824.0066
tarynschmitz.fm-bank.com - Apply Now

Brenda Mossing

Waterville Office Manager
NMLS ID #562690
Ph: 419.878.0305

Sue Dieringer

Wauseon Downtown Office Manager
NMLS ID #580339
Ph: 419.337.3085

Gloria Gunn

Wauseon Shoop Office Manager
NMLS ID #583445
Ph: 419.337.2010

Pat Burkholder

West Unity Office Manager
NMLS ID #580342
Ph: 419.924.2321

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